Teller-assisted service

Optimising cash management
Within the branch, new realities are leading banks to consider solutions that will optimise cash management and provide the means to free-up resources and tellers, in order to drive customer service and ultimately reduce operational costs.


People like to interact with people
Consumers like to interact personally with their bank. The self-service channel has become an important tool
for handling simple transactions, but while convenient, customers are hesitant to conduct large, complex or
multi-step transactions at a channel that does not offer the engagement, interaction and assurance of a bank staff
member. When consumers choose to visit their branch, they want to interact with their bank.

Staying in front of the customer
With a teller’s time often spent completing many routine transactions, cash automation is essential to allow
more time for customer interaction. Staying in front of the customer and focusing on those customers that
have needs or are ready to make buying or investment decisions, is essential to generating additional sales.
But this must be done at an effective operational cost and by offering a better branch transaction experience
for customers.

In-branch teller-assisted service
In-branch teller-assisted service provides a way to merge many of the transactions that are performed by a teller,
online and via self-service, into one device; but with teller assistance always available, as and when required.
Utilising teller-assisted service also helps bank branches manage customer transactions more quickly and
efficiently, and enables staff to dedicate more time to sales opportunities and delivering high levels of
customer satisfaction.