Workforce Optimization

​Workforce Optimization


Partnering with Glory can significantly impact your staff productivity, enhancing operational performance and increasing profitability.


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​​Productivity and staff efficiency are key areas directly affecting operational performance and profitability, and are at the center of Glory Retail and Gaming cash management solutions. Through the implementation of cash management solutions tailored specifically for the retail and gaming sectors, Glory enables customers to efficiently manage cash, increasing staff productivity and improving overall business performance.


Our technologies directly address the challenges of staff efficiency by removing manual cash counting and authentication, consequential human error and monotonous and repetitive tasks, in order to ensure staff are more productive and able to undertake high-value tasks such as serving customers and achieving core operational goals. The Glory comprehensive suite of software connectivity solutions further provides important business intelligence to manage cash across both retail and gaming operating environments.


With Glory technology automating the start of day and end of day cash set-up and balancing routines, reducing repetitive journeys to the bank branch and refocusing staff activities, a new and significantly more dynamic operating model is created. ​​