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​​Our back office systems have an established reputation for reliability, performance and enabling new levels of accuracy and productivity. We understand the challenges faced within back office environments and our portable note and coin technologies are designed to bring efficiency and accuracy in the place of manual labor and time consuming repetitive tasks.


Our technologies ensure that note and coin counting and verification tasks can be turned into quick and straight forward processes, while ensuring that the count is accurate every time. The extensive range of Glory banknote currency counting and coin management systems are designed to suit all note/coin reconciliation tasks in back office environments across retail and gaming, covering basic batching processes to sophisticated counterfeit checking.  Enabling customers to efficiently and accurately account for all the cash in the business, reduce shrinkage and provide the right levels of cash to all customer service points. 


Automation of back office processes frees up staff time, enabling them to concentrate on revenue generating activities such as delivering customer service excellence.