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The high density of coins dealt with through daily operations in the Retail and Gaming sectors, brings significant challenges in terms of counting, authenticating and sorting.


Coin Management Solutions from Glory completely revolutionize coin handling processes, through integrating state of the art Glory coin technology at both customer points of service and within the back office environment. Manual tasks are automated, human error is eliminated and customer facing time is significantly increased – directly contributing to business profitability.


Our portfolio of coin handling technologies addresses key performance needs for retailers and gaming centers handling thousands of coins daily. Our range includes:


Coin Processors, such as our Mach Series, which quickly and accurately count, sort and authenticate coins with an exceptional array of accessories and options to support your coin handling needs.


Coin Dispensers, such as InstaChange which provides intelligent, automatic and reliable coin dispensing. The fastest, most accurate and secure way to automatically return change to customers, while still improving levels of customer service and reducing operational costs.


Self service coin deposit solutions, such as QuickChange, which enable customers to quickly and conveniently deposit their accumulated coins without the need to count or sort denominations. The system can efficiently exchange coins deposited for vouchers to be used in store or in other equipment within a gaming centre.​​​