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Unique Glory Technology

Glory  OEM solutions contain unique advanced technology :

Intelligent Double Detection
Central to the performance of our NMD Series, SDD, MiniMech and MultiMech is IDD™ Intelligent Double Detection which provides our customers with unbeatable accuracy in the consistent detection of doubles, even when notes are severely degraded and no mechanical adjustments or intervention ensuring the OEM mechanism is ready to use, out of the box.





High Performance Feed

HPF™ is unique to Glory and gives our NMD series market leading feed performance. It delivers a range of benefits including consistent and durable feeding, reliable handling of notes of all conditions and processing of banknotes without causing damage.









Smart Cassette Logic
At the heart of the NMD series, SCL™ provides: tamperproof cassettes which interlock both mechanically and electronically; individual replenishment of cassettes; the flexibility to switch cassette positions;, the allocation of a currency, denomination and issue to a cassette, the ability to switch between two cassettes if there are more than one of the same denomination and easy identification of a new banknote.








Quikfill Cash Can
Quikfill Cash Can™ technology is intrinsic to our range of MultiMech and MiniMech dispensers. This technology ensures that the MultiMech and MiniMech note trays are ultra convenient, allowing for fast, easy cash replenishment. With the Quikfill Cash Can our customers benefit from a no fuss, no keys or loading, fixture solution, reducing overall ATM replenishment time. As the ATM is kept open for a reduced length of time, this helps to enhance security and maximise ATM uptime for our customers.