Workforce Optimization

Glory Workforce Optimization Solutions deliver the Right People, to the Right Place at the Right Time.
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Discover how the Glory and Verint partnership combines the benefits of teller automation with workforce optimisation tools to provide the definitive return on investment .

Workforce Optimization: Empowering the Branch

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​The Glory approach to workforce optimization, centers on ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

To achieve this, we undertake careful analysis of the particular branch needs, modeling customer demand at each teller position within the branch and then accurately matching branch staff and cash management solutions to meet your real-time needs.

Teller cash transaction volumes vary widely between branches, and even in the same branch, managing these efficiently is central to gaining the maximum return on investment in technology and systems across the branch.
Our workforce solutions tools optimally and profitably match critical teller staff resources to meet the true operational requirements, positively impacting the whole branch in important areas such as improving staff morale, increasing profitability and enhancing the customer experience.

Glory works in partnership with workforce optimisation specialists, Verint, to evaluate the effectiveness of any proposed solution by evaluating employee scheduling and resourcing practices, whilst profiling teller performance throughout the entire network. Significant data is accumulated enabling clear models and options to be built to inform the return on investment case for the correct blend of teller automation or self service technology.

The effects of the Glory-Verint solutions are measureable and transformational to the operating performance of the branch. Typical results include significantly reduced costs for cash management, increased staff availability and productivity, alongside tangible improvements in the quality and depth of customer relationships.