Teller Automation as an Enabler

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​​Glory has a long heritage in the development of teller automation in the branch and therefore unparalleled experience in deployment of cash management solutions.


Cash drives footfall to the branch acting as a key component for customer relationship building. These relationships can be maximized through Glory teller automation technologies, which eliminate the time and costs associated with the complicated manual handling of cash. Our solutions free up staff and teller time so they can engage with customers more effectively, increase cross-selling opportunities and directly reduce operational costs.


In today’s branch, banking customers demand personal service, both in terms of banking channels they communicate through and product offerings. Our technologies and solutions provide the convenience and choice they expect to receive by delivering the service that is convenient for them.


We tailor each of these solutions to reflect the unique needs of your own branch environment and individual branch customer base. In every case our teller automation platforms ensure that banks can reduce queues and manual error, improve security and deploy the correct balance of technology to manage otherwise costly cash transactions.