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The below article takes a look at the features, technologies and processes that ensure the Security of a banknote throughout its journey.


Banknotes: The Secure Journey


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The nature and appearance of the bank branch is fundamentally changing and technology, such as that delivered by Glory, is one of the key drivers behind that change. Consumers now want to transact in more informal and comfortable environments, which for banks, raises issues on the security of cash within the branch. Glory automation technologies directly address this problem, enabling staff and customers to now engage in relaxed, open plan branches – securely.


Glory technology tackles the security question by eliminating the need for manual note counting, authentication and fitness sorting. Now, our automation solutions significantly reduce physical cash exposure and act as an extension to the central vault.


Systems, such as the Glory Vertera, have transformed the approach to cash security in the branch where traditionally the emphasis was on barriers, guards and cameras.  Physical screens, whilst acting as a protection against theft, also acted as an inhibitor to improved customer service and engagement. Glorytechnology has fundamentally changed the landscape, enabling new branch designs, delivered alongside non-intrusive security measures for customers, staff and cash.


Our automation and cash handling self service systems incorporate high-standard security features within the solutions themselves, enabling the new open plan branch. The key to achieving this improved security, within the more welcoming branch environment, lies in automating cash-based transactions through our technology, dramatically reducing overall cash exposure within the branch. ​​​​​​​