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Glory consultants and solutions are creating contemporary and open plan branches.


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The below articles highlight how the right branch strategy creates unique and engaging customer experiences


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​​As bank branch designs and layouts undergo significant change, they are still the point of customer contact for relationship building, increasing revenues and creating the brand experience.


Glory technologies are re-shaping the design, processes and environment of bank branches worldwide as they are transformed from impersonal, security screened offices to relaxed, informal environments, where staff and customers can engage easily with each other. Teller automationself serviceback office and branch wide software solutions combine to be seamlessly and securely integrated into new, customer focused, open plan branch designs.


Our technologies and solutions ensure both increased customer engagement and the essential availability of staff to communicate financial products, identify referrals, generate sales and solve complex service issues.


Today, Glory solutions are creating the open plan branch, enabling banks to:


  • Optimize floor planning and space to create customer-centric open-plan layouts which increase customer engagement opportunities
  • Redesign counters to enable easier interaction and dialogue between customers and staff
  • Free staff time from manual operations to enable focus on increased service levels and sales revenue
  • Streamline branch processes, in order to drive efficiency gains and enable redeployment of resources and reduce operational costs
  • Introduce discrete security measures, reducing the cost of protection and providing audit trails and cash tracking to lower security risk


Working closely with branch design specialists, NewGround, Glory is an established thought leader in branch transformation, empowered by teller automation solutions that optimise both customer relationships and branch profitability.​​