Total Cash Management

Year on year the volume of cash managed through bank branches continues to grow, representing a significant management challenge in terms of both cost and resource optimization.

Workforce Optimization

The Glory approach to workforce optimization, centers on ensuring that the right people are in the right place, at the right time.

Increasing Profitability

Any investment made today, must continue to impact your bottom line tomorrow and our connectivity and communications platforms provide a powerful framework to enable continuous monitoring against set targets.

Customer Satisfaction

Glory helps financial institutions focus on creating their own distinct customer experience, to differentiate them from the competition and increase market share.

Teller Automation as an Enabler

Glory teller automation platforms ensure that banks can reduce queues and manual error, improve security and deploy the correct balance of technology to manage otherwise costly cash transactions.

Adopting Self Service

Developing an integrated self-service strategy is key to the efficient management of cash across the branch and in turn central to optimising branch performance

Backoffice Optimization

Glory desktop solutions are at the forefront of technology in terms of manufacturing quality, specification and return on investment value and for many banks further provide an entry level point which then leads to broader teller automation adoption.

Dialogue Banking

Glory technologies are re-shaping the design, processes and environment of branches worldwide transforming them from impersonal, security screened offices to relaxed, informal environments, where staff and customers can engage easily with each other.

The Connected Branch

Through our connectivity solutions we connect people, process and technology seamlessly in the branch and enable management, tellers, systems and information to be joined together in completely new ways.


Our automation solutions significantly reduce physical cash exposure enabling new branch designs to be delivered, alongside non-intrusive security measures for customers, staff and cash.