Customer Satisfaction

Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

Today customers are keenly aware of their experience within the branch and increasingly demand higher service levels and deeper interaction. As a result, purely transaction-based banking is giving way to the customer’s requirement for a more service and relationship based, personal banking experience.


Glory helps financial institutions focus on creating their own distinct customer experience, to differentiate them from the competition and increase market share. We achieve this through the targeted deployment of technology and solutions that are not dependent on complete overhauls of branch systems and processes, but instead, strategic deployment and realignment of resources within your existing network.


Our mission is to help you create a unique visit for your customer each and every time through fully understanding their specific needs and the operational demands of your individual branches. As we help redefine your cash management processes we enable each branch to discover new ways of delivering the banks products and services while significantly improving customer satisfaction and retention.


The integration of Glory technology, such as cash automationself-service kiosksconnectivity software and branch wide business intelligence all contribute towards creating a differentiated customer experience. Through these solutions, Glory helps shift the branch from a transaction-focused delivery approach to one centred on customer needs, satisfaction levels and profitable management.


As Glory solutions automate branch processes and cash management, staff are able to deliver enhanced personal service, building stronger and deeper customer relationships, while the same cash automation technologies further improve the employees own work content and environment.


Higher employee morale, greater customer satisfaction and increased customer retention are all the product of our cash automation solutions and the significantly enhanced overall customer experience. ​​