Backoffice Optimization

Glory Back Office Solutions


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​​As Glory technologies continue to enable the opening of new branch formats and customer engagement models front of house, in the back office our solutions are completely automating and redefining the processes for managing banknotes and coins.


Efficient, flexible and portable, our systems are at the center of thousands of bank branch back office operations worldwide, selected for their coin and banknote counting, note authentication and fitness sorting capabilities. Our heritage of manufacturing systems capable of handling global currencies has placed us in an unparalleled position to provide solutions which significantly impact overall branch operations and profitability.


Regulations to ensure adequate standards of banknotes are recycled are increasingly being adopted around the world. Our range of technologies and branch support capabilities ensures that banks readily make the transition from traditional processes in order to meet their new legal obligations.


Glory desk-top solutions are at the forefront of technology in terms of manufacturing quality, specification and return on investment value and for many banks further provide an entry level point which then leads to broader teller automation adoption. ​