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Obtaining the right mix between Self Service and Teller Automation solutions is a delicate balance - in the below article three banks provide an insight into their experience.


Self Service and Teller Automation

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​Developing an integrated self-service strategy is key to the efficient management of cash across the branch and in turn central to optimizing branch performance. When perfected, the strategy will see the supporting technologies free up staff resources, which can then be utilised to the maximum effect in serving customers.


In today’s competitive banking environment, Glory helps financial institutions to become more innovative and productive, by integrating exactly the right blend of cash automation technologies to help their business optimize operational performance.  Our technology platforms are designed to span the widest variety of individual branch needs, as they seek to serve consumers who want choice, speed, efficiency and personal service in significantly varying degrees.


Increasingly, banking customers expect to be able to use self service solutions for low value transactions when it is convenient for them - but equally look for increased teller time for non-routine or more complex transactions. To deliver full customer satisfaction at the right transaction cost, the bank must be able to provide the optimum technology and staff availability.


To achieve this, Glory cash management consulting experts undertake detailed transaction analysis enabling us to identify exactly the right mix of ATM, self-service and cash deposit solutions. 


Our cash management processes and field proven self-service technology delivers seamless, efficient and cost-effective solutions, designed to optimize customer service whilst reducing cost. The single Glory focus is to provide the correct balance of cash management technology to reduce customer wait-times while freeing up staff and simultaneously increase customer engagement.


In this way we directly meet the branch challenge - to provide the most effective means of managing branch transactions, to serve the needs of your individual customer base.  ​