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GGS Perspectives Retail Cash Management The Paradox of Cash

​The end of cash has been debated for years. Due to media stories surrounding electronic payment vehicles such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet, one could believe that the use of cash
has diminished or even disappeared. Electronic payments after all are cool, hip, and instant. Cash is, well, cash. This may be why cash chain management is often overlooked by retailers.

GGS Perspectives- Retail Labor Productivity

GGS Perspectives: Branch Cash Automation Implementation- Tips for the Executive

​Now that the decision to implement cash recyclers in the branches has been made, executives can help to maximize the value realized from this technology by attending to a few post-implementation best practices.  Glory has learned through thousands of deployments that following these proven best practices will help your institution realize the full financial benefit from that decision.

GGS Perspectives: Branch Transformation Part 1 - Getting it Right

​It seems that scores of bankers and industry players are talking non-stop about Branch Transformation. Webinars about how it’s done and conferences that thematically advance the discussion are in ample supply. Each of the technology suppliers has their own ‘take’ on this, complete with charts about “how to get there,” colorful infographics or whitepapers conveying the essentials of the
‘journey’ itself.

GGS Perspectives-Branch Transformation Part 2 - Getting Started

​With all the conversation about Branch Transformation accompanied by the lack of any real consensus as to what the end state looks like, there is clarity on several critical elements that are mandatory as a starting point.

GGS Perspectives-Branch Transformation Part 3 - Getting Returns

​Banks are skilled in measuring returns. Whether it is return on assets, return on equity or return on investment, senior bank executives are fully engaged 24/7. In today’s world, there seems to be that same focus and intensity on something called
“Branch Transformation” as part of an omnichannel retail banking delivery model.

GGS Perspectives-Cash Automation Vendor Risk Manangement Supplier Selection

With the latest guidance from the OCC and other agencies, financial institutions are called to a much higher standard today for managing the risks in their vendor relationships as well as in the oversight of those relationships. In fact, vendor management has taken over the second spot among all compliance challenges for 2016, according to CSI’s Executive Report: 2016 Banking Priorities Study.  It was listed by 42.7% of bankers surveyed as their biggest compliance challenge for 2016, second only to Mortgage Compliance.

GGS Perspectives-Customer Centricity-Mission or Mirage

One of the top stated priorities for bankers today is to become more customer-centric
in all their delivery channels, especially in
the branch where the most complex and profitable sales still take place.  However, defining what customer centricity really means is a bit of a challenge and sustaining these types of initiatives has been equally problematic.  

GGS Perspectives-Efficiency Ratio Leverage-Working Both Sides of the Equation

According to nearly all sources, improving efficiency generally, and the institution’s efficiency ratio specifically, continue to be top-of-mind with bankers. Simply stated by Cornerstone Advisors in their recent report, What’s Going On 2016, “Achieving efficiency gains tops the list of technology priorities for both banks and credit unions in 2016.i”

GGS Perspectives-Heads Up for Secure Branches

As you may already know, the ten-year trend for bank robberies is consistently downward. The reason… It is not likely not because humanity has become kinder and gentler over that time. It is because the industry has made it a priority to look for ways to deter criminals and implement technologies and processes to do so effectively.

GGS Perspectives- Heads-up for Customer Engagement and Engaged Customers

In today’s banking environment, most financial institutions are trying to migrate customers to less costly self-directed channels for most transactions previously completed
by a teller.  Doing so, without understanding why people visit your branch is risky.  According to Gallup research, “… the branch experience of today looks much different than it did even a few years ago, and banks tend to overlook the significance of just a single interaction.”i

GGS Perspectives- Imperative 2 Initiative Banking Made Simple (Part 1 of 3)

We seem to be living at a time when things are generally increasing in complexity. From understanding
and choosing health insurance to operating your smart phone or tablet, things are just more complicated than they used to be.

GGS Perspectives- Imperative 2 Initiative-Universal Banker Revisitied (Part 2 of 3)

Moving to Universal Banking is easier said than done. According to Ian Hough, Director of Marketing at Solidus, Inc., “Change is not easy." Such is the case with the integration of Universal Bankers, where there is almost universal failure to appreciate the time required to acclimate current staff to the new universal banker role.

GGS Perspectives-Imperative 2 Initiative-Back Office Transformation (Part 3 of 3)

​In the flurry of conversation and commentary on the subject of “Branch Transformation,” little has been written about addressing the branch’s back office.

GGS Perspectives-Multidimensional Partner Assessment Guide

​Below are questions that can be used to qualify  potential technology suppliers as to their capabilities in the context of the three key dimensions mentioned in the article: vertical end-to-end control, breadth of solutions offered and depth of resources.

GGS Perspectives-Opportunity knocks-Differentiation Dilemma

​Now that the election cycle is upon us, we have certainly observed those politicians running for the highest office in the land in full force campaign mode. This includes, among other things, a fair measure of self-promotion.

GGS Perspectives-The Case for Multidimensional Partners

​In today’s banking world, there is a greater focus than ever before on vendor scrutiny and selection that goes beyond any previous level of due diligence. If a vendor is determined to be a “critical vendor,” the stakes reach new heights for the initial vetting and selection as well as for ongoing risk monitoring and assessment at the board level.

GGS Perspectives-Universal Banker-Technology Essentials

​In August of 2014, the ABA announced its new Universal Banker [UB] Certificate, “which is designed to prepare frontline branch staff to serve as the single point of contact for satisfying the diverse needs of walk-in customers.”

GGS Perspectives-Vertera ETD Keep it Simple

​Implementing cash recyclers in a branch is typically accompanied by a number of complex sub-initiatives that when successfully executed, can help ensure the success of the overall project.

GGS Perspectives-Video Teller-In Branch Solution or Service Dilution

​Financial institutions are in a dramatic state of change. Technology has once again shifted the use and focus of the bank branch, with dramatic decreases in foot traffic.

Professional Services Brochure-Advisory Services

​Glory Advisory Services can deliver valuable peer benchmarking and gap analysis through our market leading customer experiences, perspectives and data driven customer engagements. 

Project Management Services

​Glory can help your business reduce your project timeline, save money from contracting costs and deploy Glory machines more efficiently through a tailored strategy and precise expertise of an industry leader with these distinct offerings.

Professional Services Brochure- Training Services

​Glory can help your business get more out if its investment in cash automation technology by making training materials available to your staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Professional Services General Sell Sheet

​Glory Global Solutions Professional Services provides industry leading expertise across a wide spectrum of offerings to drive customized technology deployments tailored to your business.

Professional Services- Technology - Software Solutions Brochure

​Our Technology - Software Solutions team reviews each customer’s technology environment in order to customize a solution that meets the commercial and technical goals of Financial Institutions. We lead our customers through a phased process to establish long term solutions that positively impact the value of cash automation.

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The Texas Independent Banker May/June 2016

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