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Professional Services Brochure- Training Services

​Glory can help your business get more out if its investment in cash automation technology by making training materials available to your staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Project Management Services

​Glory can help your business reduce your project timeline, save money from contracting costs and deploy Glory machines more efficiently through a tailored strategy and precise expertise of an industry leader with these distinct offerings.

Professional Services Brochure-Advisory Services

​Glory Advisory Services can deliver valuable peer benchmarking and gap analysis through our market leading customer experiences, perspectives and data driven customer engagements.

Professional Services General Sell Sheet

​Glory Global Solutions Professional Services provides industry leading expertise across a wide spectrum of offerings to drive customized technology deployments tailored to your business.

Professional Services- Technology - Software Solutions Brochure

​Our Technology - Software Solutions team reviews each customer’s technology environment in order to customize a solution that meets the commercial and technical goals of Financial Institutions. We lead our customers through a phased process to establish long term solutions that positively impact the value of cash automation.

GGS Perspectives- Imperative 2 Initiative-Universal Banker Revisitied (Part 2 of 3)

Moving to Universal Banking is easier said than done. According to Ian Hough, Director of Marketing at Solidus, Inc., “Change is not easy." Such is the case with the integration of Universal Bankers, where there is almost universal failure to appreciate the time required to acclimate current staff to the new universal banker role.

GGS Perspectives-Imperative 2 Initiative-Back Office Transformation (Part 3 of 3)

​In the flurry of conversation and commentary on the subject of “Branch Transformation,” little has been written about addressing the branch’s back office.

GGS Perspectives- Imperative 2 Initiative Banking Made Simple (Part 1 of 3)

We seem to be living at a time when things are generally increasing in complexity. From understanding and choosing health insurance to operating your smart phone or tablet, things are just more complicated than they used to be.

GGS Perspectives- Heads-up for Customer Engagement and Engaged Customers

In today’s banking environment, most financial institutions are trying to migrate customers to less costly self-directed channels for most transactions previously completed by a teller. Doing so, without understanding why people visit your branch is risky. According to Gallup research, “… the branch experience of today looks much different than it did even a few years ago, and banks tend to overlook the significance of just a single interaction.”i

TCF Bank Case Study

​At TCF, it is our goal to be the most convenient back in the markets we serve. As an affiliate of TCF Financial Corporation, a Minnesota-based national bank holding company. TCF had 379 branches in Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, South Dakota and Indiana as of December 31, 2014. TCF supports the banking needs of its communities in numerous and diverse ways. We provide financial solutions to a broad range of customers, individuals, families and small to medium-sized businesses. We also work to ensure that credit is available to everyone, especially those in low to moderate-income neighbourhoods.TCF Bank approached Glory Global Solutions to provide its benchmark software solutions, CashInsight Assure, based on the company’s long-standing software reputation, equipment install-base and twelve year track record of success as a customer with Glory.Glory provided integration that worked within TCF’s IT requirements while also allowing them new capabilities around inventory management and an improved staff experience.