Vertera™ ETD - teller cash recycler


Download the product specifications for Vertera ETD:

Glory Vetera ETD Datasheet.pdf

Vertera ETD is a teller support system that provides an automated note handling and authentication solution, in place of the traditional teller drawer/pedestal.


Vertera ETD provides similar levels of security to the teller drawer/pedestal it would replace; as such there is no safe and Rolled Storage Modules (RSMs) are housed in a 2mm steel cabinet.

Simple and quick to deploy, Vertera ETD fits into a teller workstation with little or no modification to existing furniture, Vertera ETD is designed for single teller use and enables tellers to focus on service excellence, while increasing customer engagement and productivity.

By offering a solution that is more accurate and more accountable than a manual cash drawer, with the added benefit of time savings when handling larger and more complex transactions, Vertera ETD enables tellers to provide more attention to the customer, rather than focusing on manual cash handling.


  • Ease of use – simple design and intuitive layout, with great ergonomics to provide maximum user comfort

  • Intelligent note handling – advanced banknote authentication and identification with low reject rates and high accuracy

  • Note storage and management – sort by note denominations , fitness or orientation, with additional storage for coin and other items of value

  • Compact design and footprint – under desk installation, suits virtually any branch layout

  • Flexible solution – Vertera ETD can even be deployed to provide overflow capacity at peak times in the branch