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​​Worldwide, Glory teller automation solutions help banks drive down operational cost whilst significantly enhancing business performance. With a long heritage of developing market leading cash management technologies, our compact, state of the art systems are easily incorporated into the branch and drive cultural, operational and process change.


Glory knowledge and expertise is based on thousands of live installations and extends to a portfolio of systems that deliver tangible financial improvements. Our solutions free up valuable staff resources, reduce error and eliminate repetitive manual tasks, replacing these with automated banknote counting, authentication and fitness sorting, all fully compliant with increasing cash recycling legislation.


Our teller automation systems are a catalyst for branch re-design, enabling completely innovative layouts, delivering security within open plan environments and providing new and deeper customer engagement models, ultimately leading to increased sales opportunities and revenues.


With a commitment to continuous innovation, research and development, Glory's proven recycling technology is trusted by thousands of financial institutions, globally to deliver absolute reliability and in-branch performance.


Glory  high-end productivity systems can be connected across the branch through our range of software solutions which enable unique business intelligence and insight into cash management needs across the branch and in turn the bank network as a whole.​​​​

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