Self Service

At Glory, we believe that customer relationship building means providing customers with the service they want, when and where they need it. Our self-service technology is designed to achieve exactly that, through optimizing branch transactions and reflecting the individual needs of each branch and its customer base.


We help our customers identify the strategic case for self-service adoption, through a full analysis of the transaction mix. Once implemented, our understanding of cash management and transaction processes provides the framework to enable successful migration to the chosen self service channels. Our end objective is to ensure that the right level of automation optimizes both customer interaction and overall staff efficiency.


Glory self service technologies are about choice and ensuring that banking customers are served in ways that will enhance the overall brand experience and provide the means by which the branch can reduce operating cost without sacrificing relationship and service levels.


The complete portfolio of Glory self service solutions enable banks to transform their branch design, layout and process to create a customer focused environment, benefiting from reduced queues, increased customer engagement opportunities and enhanced customer satisfaction.