Desktop Note & Coin Counters

​​Our sophisticated range of desktop note and coin counting and sorting technologies transform the way notes and coins are handled. They change complex verification tasks into fast, straight forward processes, ensuring that the count is accurate, every time.


Delivering unprecedented efficiency savings through speed and accuracy, their use results in a significant improvement in the availability of staff, allowing them to be re-deployed to important roles such as further customer engagement, problem solving and generating increased revenues.


Glory 's range of innovative, proven and compact currency management systems are designed for counting and reconciliation tasks in both front and back office environments, in banking, across retail and in the gaming sector. Our fitness sorting capabilities also often deployed in cash center environments ensure banknotes meet the customer and legislative requirements, whilst lowering operational costs. Our systems are portable providing location flexibility for a range of operations from basic batching processes to sophisticated counterfeit checking and fitness verification – bringing accuracy and efficiency to all cash handling operations.​