Vault Management

​Cash centers carry out daily processes that are common to cash operations the world over.


They use the banknotes sorters and other cash handling equipment  to determine those notes that are fit for recirculation and those that are classed as unfit and should be returned to the central bank. To ensure efficient and productive cash management process in cash centers, these processes must be controlled and monitored using Vault Management software.

Core functions to Glory's Vault Management System, eVAS, include:


  • Logging:  Receipt of deposits into the cash center and assignment of work to teams or individual tellers.
  • Deposit processing: Counting and reconciling deposits, with interfaces to a large range of banknote and coin devices.
  • Inventory: Managing inventory levels at client and cash safe level.
  • Orders: Preparing orders for ATMs, bank branches and retailers.
  • Administration: Browser based centralized database module, with supervisor and administration functions. Single source of data is shared within even the largest cash center networks, ensuring consistent data across the operation.