Teller Connectivity

​Learn how Glory can help you realize the true value of your teller automation devices through our range of Teller Connectivity solutions:
Realizing the true value of teller automation

Optimum cash management efficiency is increasingly driven through application and device connectivity.  At Glory, we create seamless connections within delivery systems through our extensive experience in managing the integration of platforms and devices, combined with a full understanding of cash management cycles within our clients’ businesses.
We understand the operational dynamics of cash processing and management, and technically the multiple layers of connectivity and integration required to deliver real efficiencies across the network - locally, nationally or internationally.  Our software professionals and specialists have created dynamic new connectivity frameworks that enable business efficiency, enhance customer service and deliver new levels of cross-enterprise business intelligence.
  • Connectivity solutions from Glory can be configured to support devices not only from Glory, but other manufacturers as well, enabling network wide connectivity across diverse hardware.
  • Our dedicated team of software specialists provide professional consulting, analysis and specification skills to deliver end-to-end project management and implementation. 
  • Glory has delivered thousands of connected solutions worldwide, in dozens of languages, cultures, and operational environments, each sensitive to the unique needs of our individual clients. 
  • From single sites to complete global network rollouts, we have the correct processes and capabilities at our disposal to meet your needs.