Retail Cash Management

Glory’s Retail Cash Chain Optimization model, underpinned by our CASHINFINITY™ solution
addresses the breadth of cash management requirements throughout the retail cash chain.
Glory’s specialist knowledge and expertise ensures any retail organization can securely, effectively and efficiently optimize its entire cash chain to improve its bottom line – transforming cash from its customer’s pocket into a healthy profit.
In order to start transforming the efficiency and value of the retail cash chain we need to think differently about the potential role
of cash within our increasingly technology-enabled economy, and then take practical steps to improve efficiency at every key stage in the chain.
Glory's CASHINFINITY solution provides total secure closed cash handling, centralized control of cash inventory and optimization of all cash processes throughout a store. Central to this is Glory's CI-SERVER cash management software,
which provides the centralized management of cash throughout a store in the front and back office.