Business Intelligence

Learn how Glory can help you realize the true value of your cash processing data and workforce management, through our range of business intelligence solutions:
Data is everywhere; transactional data, big data, cloud data, decentralized data, governed data. With the ever-growing demand to analyze data, the need for an automated software solution to present this data for interactivity and decision making is in ever-increasing demand.

Data does not provide insight; that requires information and data only becomes
information when it is processed into a usable form. Information is an historic
view of what happened; it becomes "Intelligence" when it is coupled with
business knowledge. Intelligence is the basis of decisions about what to do in
the future and leverages what can be learned from the information in the
(recent) past.

The right data, at the right time

Does your enterprise have the right information, at the right time, to make the
right business decisions? 
  • CashInsight Inform is a user-driven software solution which provides
    data regarding cash that is processed through teller and back office cash
    handling devices.
  • CashInsight Forecast ensures active cash is managed and maintained at optimal levels, wherever it is held; within an ATM, the branch or across the whole network.

  • CashInsight Planner is a workforce management and performance management solution that enables companies to improve customer service and sales, while decreasing labor costs.