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​​Glory Technology enables the optimised workforce.


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​​Automated cash processing, maximising time spent with customers and increasing revenue opportunities are just some of the benefits resulting from truly effective Workforce Optimization. The key is to have the right resources, in the right place at the right time and as a result to be able to entirely align bank resources with customer demands.


This means building exactly the right model and the “discovery” phase of our consultancy process helps provide comprehensive understanding of customers specific needs. Combined with our extensive experience in cash handling, technology and resource management we are able to bring unique insight on customer profiles, transaction activity and cash handling right across the branch, region and whole network.


Consultants then use live, real-time customer data to create models, which effectively map cash movement and people interaction across operations. This is the framework on which workforce optimization is ultimately built.


In the second phase, “What if?” modelling of current and forecast transactions levels and staff utilization time delivers business intelligence capturing both the current position and where future business benefit can be derived.


Glory  partners with workforce optimization specialists, Verint, to provide expertise across areas such as the evaluation of employee scheduling, resourcing practices and the profiling of staff working practice to enhance performance throughout the business.


To ensure the effectiveness of our process, our measureable results enable the building of a clear business case and guaranteeing returns on investment, leading ultimately to significantly reduced costs for cash management, increased staff availability and productivity, alongside tangible improvements in the quality and depth of customer relationships. ​​​