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Glory  are global experts in the management, movement and handling of banknotes and coins. Our consultants utilize experience from thousands of installations worldwide, combined with a deep understanding of the cash process and business needs, to provide insights and models for clear and efficient cash management.


Businesses are typically at varying stages of development in their cash management strategy and our consulting process takes account of the need to blend the right level of capital expenditure with the overall operational goals of the locations seeking to improve their cash handling performance.


Through careful analysis Glory  consultants are able to propose the relevant combinations of technology and software solutions to match the individual customer activity and volume, combined with the business imperatives of increasing end-customer engagement time and improving customer service. This way we are confident of being able to deliver a solid return on investment on the solution deployed.


We also focus on how transaction management can be supported by business intelligence, which delivers clear insights into the movement of cash, the fluctuating demand for banknotes at points of service and the total volumes of cash required across the enterprise over time. The data this provides can enable accurate cash requirement forecasts, delivering further efficiencies in cash management.​​​