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The Branch is Now Open!


​To find out more about the Glory Technology which is enabling the open plan branch visit our Technology Section.

Security of Employees, Customers & Cash


Our Cash Management ​Technology and Processes provide total confidence in the security of  employees, customers and cash within your open plan banking environment.


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​​The branch model is changing fundamentally, with new formats and designs creating completely new environments for customer engagement and interaction. This change is driven by the need to provide a unique customer experience whilst optimising transaction management and staff resources.


At the centre is Glory technology, enabling new branch operating models in terms of physical design, customer flow and fast, efficient transactions that deliver more customer service time and, ultimately, increased revenues.


Glory consultants are experts in bringing together transaction management process and branch design. Our approach can dynamically change the whole culture, momentum and delivery of the bank branch model as we integrate new delivery channels whilst taking into account customers’ expectations for higher levels of service, attention and engagement - all within a secure environment.


The expertise of our consultants lays both in the delivery of cash handling and automation technology, combined with the knowledge of how it is best deployed and integrated to meet branch profitability, engagement and productivity targets.


Glory  partners with NewGround, global branch design experts, who are able to integrate Glory  technology seamlessly in order to open up the branch to meet these objectives.  As our secure technologies enable the removal of traditional barriers, new forms of interaction and service are possible.


Together consultants from Glory  and NewGround are revolutionising the branch model, to provide exactly the right framework for workforce optimization enabling comprehensive transaction and cash management strategies to be delivered. ​​