Vertera™ 6G - teller cash recycler

Vertera 6G
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Our sixth generation solution, the Vertera 6G delivers a simple, flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the real needs of customers and staff. Offering a unique combination of powerful features to transform customer relationships and drive profitable branch operations, the Vertera 6G represents a significant evolution in teller automation technology. 

Vertera 6G represents the current state-of-the-art in teller cash recycling  - performance, reliability, user interface, and total execution, from operating principles through environmental sensitivity at all stages of manufacturing, transport and operation.

Glory's experience, expertise and complete support provision deliver a comprehensive, integrated, enterprise-wide solution to address many of the most pressing demands of the modern bank branch and their customers. The Vertera 6G is at the heart of our solution.

Ease of use
• Simple design and intuitive layout
• System ergonomics providing maximum user comfort
• Large touch screen display, providing intelligent user information

Intelligent note handling
• SDA II advanced authentication, identification and fitness
• Simultaneous multi-currency detection.
• Count function with value/fit/face/orient/counterfeit separation*

Flexible note storage and management
• Flexible banknote storage options with variable capacity and size
• Sorting and storage by note, fitness or orientation
• Secure Transfer option: securely unload notes for re-use elsewhere*

Enhanced connectivity and integration
• Native ethernet, USB and serial port options
• Interface support for legacy Talaris connections
• CashInsight Bridge* status, diagnostics and update monitoring

* optional extra

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