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A unified customer banking experience




TellerInfinity™ is an integrated teller-assisted service solution from Glory; a device that can perform many transactions that only a teller could deliver in the past.




Customers can either serve themselves or obtain assistance from a staff member who can help with their transaction or provide necessary activations or approvals. TellerInfinity has been designed to ensure financial institutions see a high level of customer acceptance and return on investment.




TellerInfinity brings with it unity to the customer banking experience in the branch, on multiple levels. Branches become an optimised mix of automation and staff ready, wil​​​ling and able to provide personal assistance. Customers now have the choice of how and when to conduct their transactions, with as much interaction with a staff member as they wish. With an elevated level of service offered, rather than a disappointing ‘do-it-yourself’ directive, TellerInfinity offers a unique balance between technology and that personal touch.




The results are clear; highly satisfied customers and significant cost reductions can be achieved. Combined with branch-transaction process integration and through the use of complementary technologies, such as teller automation, teller-assisted service can be used as an enabler for non-value-add process eradication.​​​​