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A Roadmap To Successful Branch Banking

​Creating just the right branch environment calls for blending the optimum technology with a full understanding of the customer’s journey and expectations.

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Agile Bank – Flexing for the Future

​Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since BT’s Agile Bank first opened in 2002. Nearly 10 years on, the relaunched technology showcase remains instrumental in helping banks and financial institutions discover how today’s technology can transform the customer experience.

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Banknotes: The Secure Journey

​Security is a concept that we live with every day. It is a word that goes hand in hand with the management of the world’s most popular payment instrument, cash. We look at the factors that have made banknotes synonymous with security.

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Burgeoning India

​With a population of more than 1.2 billion, India is the world’s second most populous country after China and since the 1990s has emerged as a major global power.

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Casinos And Gaming

​The rise of online gambling has done little to slow the growth of gaming and casino centres worldwide where cash is still very much in demand.

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Central Banks And Cash

Banknotes: Meeting demand
Across the world central banks have an important role in maintaining the right mix of note denominations. It’s not always a straightforward task.

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China: Cash And The New Economy

​There are few places on earch that match China for sheer scale from its physical size to its burgeoning population. For thousands of years it has held a major position on the world stage. Even as it modernises, cash still has a central role to play for the people of China.

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Counting On Coins

​Every year billions of coins circulate throughout the world’s economies.
Every one is made to exacting standards to guarantee the integrity of this important payment instrument.

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Creating The Branch Experience

​The branch remains the principal face-to-face contact point for customers and an essential channel through which customer relationships can be deepened.

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Currency Management In A Changing Economy

​Efficient cash management strategies at the branch level are fast becoming an absolute necessity. Fortunately today, new software tools are making the task a great deal easier and delivering tangible results.

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Delivering On Service

​Today’s cash handling technologies are deployed to keep cash moving, improve customer service and reduce operating costs. To deliver the real return on investment how should service providers engage?

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Die Makrotrends

​Außerhalb der Filiale haben verschiedene Faktoren unmittelbaren Einfluss auf ihre künftige Entwicklung. Es handelt sich dabei um die Makrotrend – Entwicklungen, die die Interaktion zwischen Märkten, Konkurrenten und Verbrauchern prägen. Als solche stellen sie den Hintergrund für die Erfolgsplanung dar.

Die Unverwüstlichkeit von Bargeld

​Bargeld: Akzeptiert. Sicher. Gefragt.

Glory Consulting: Getting Results

​Today consulting calls for practical, real-time engagement to ensure new processes and technology are fully integrated into the branch.

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Japan Helps Shape The World

​​Culturally rich and diverse, Japan and its peoples are renowned worldwide for their innovation, quality, technology and even quizzical game shows – always promising the visitor an intriguing and rewarding visit.

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Managing A Global Banknote

​Developing a new banknote can be challenging and in the USA they have been working for more than 8 years to design the new $100 note. At present, it has not been put into circulation – nor will it be until the rigorous standards demanded have been met.

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Modernisierung des Kanalvertriebs

​Im ungewissen Wirtschaftsklima von heute und in Anbetracht der Notwendigkeit, das Vertrauen der Verbraucher zurückzugewinnen, stehen Finanzinstitute vor der Herausforderung, sich weiterzuentwickeln, um die höheren Anforderungen ihrer Kunden zu erfüllen.

Navigating The ‘New Normal’

​As world economies start to recover, many banks are reappraising the nature of their interaction with the customer. Arguably, it calls for an integrated strategy that delivers the brand through the branch within the right culture.

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New Customer. New Bank. New Branch.

​Following the financial crisis, the shock waves have continued to reverberate throughout the banking sector driving new thinking and approaches which are set to change the very nature of the bank-branch-customer relationship.
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Perspectives On Cash

​As part of everyday life, in every country of the world, cash is valued from many perspectives. Here we outline a few, from the role it plays in the branch to it being perhaps, one of our last great freedoms.

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Software Comes Of Age

​Software is the digital glue that keeps millions of enterprises operating. The trend over the past few years has been for solutions to be less proprietary and more open – arguably to the benefit of all.

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Teller Automation Explored

​The retail banking world has been an interesting one to inhabit for the last few years as the competition between banks for customers, and their revenue, increases. RBR’s Future of Teller Automation conference helps explore the trends and developments.

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Tellers, Technology And Time

As teller automation and self service technologies continue to reshape the style and productivity of the bank branch, one of the results is an increase in the time staff are able to dedicate to customers…
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The Reality of the Integrated Branch

​Today the bank branch must comprise a sophisticated infrastructure that delivers in a straightforward way. In short, it has to be Simple, Flexible and Comprehensive.

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Workforce Optimisation

​Is branch efficiency and customer service an art or a science? Arguably in reality, it is both – and the correct blend brings benefits for the bank and the customer.

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