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​Globally, Glory has more than 1,000,000 devices installed. Here users will find selected Case Studies detailing how Glory has successfully developed, designed and deployed fully-integrated end-to-end solutions for financial institutions, retailers and cash centres around the world.



Arkansas Federal Credit Union Case Study

​Branch automation and the purchase of cash management technology represent a large scale investment of time and resources for a credit union. The positive results of adopting cash recycling are well-documented; impeccable cash control, heightened security, better efficiency of time, and an improved customer experience. Arkansas Federal Credit Union, along with trusted partner GLORY (U.S.A.) Inc. and local distributor,Tempo Financial Solutions, have proven that with the right match of a reliable quality product and a well-executed implementation plan, a multi-location credit union can set the standard for innovative customer service and member engagement.

Banco Popular Case Study

​Banco Popular chose Glory Global Solutions as the ideal partner to enable them to obtain a greater customer base and to also achieve improved management of their branches, using an advanced teller automation solution that provides ease of use and efficiency in their branch operations.

Bendigo Bank Case Study

For Bendigo Bank, the customer experience within their branches was a critical consideration in their “Network of the Future” branch modernisation programme. The Bank needed to maintain close contact with their customers and the communities they serve. Their success is achieved through a relevance and connection with customers, by building trusting relationships, so the new branch environment needed to reflect this.

Caja Rural De Asturias Case Study

​The challenge faced by Caja Rural de Asturias was to equip its branches with a desktop counter / sorter that has excellent authentication and counting functionality, with the aim of maximising the overall performance and efficiency of its branches. Glory’s willingness to partner was the key criteria in its selection as technology partner for Caja Rural de Asturias.

Cash Centre Case Study

​The bank has spent nearly one million Euros to remodel and refurbish the cash centre, including new cash handling equipment from Glory. The bank has invested in the latest technologies and taken the opportunity to re-engineer our processes. The bank believes that now they have the most efficient cash processing operation in the country. The bank was faced with a situation where they were operating at near-capacity and were turning away additional business as a result. Once the decision was taken to invest in new processes and equipment, productivity has risen by 150% in two years and has freed up extra capacity. This has given the bank the ability to grow externally-sourced business by 250%.

Commonwealth Bank Case Study

The challenge to CBA was to optimise branch costs whilst still offering a service that allows them to differentiate themselves in terms of convenience, speed, personal interaction and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Coastal Bank and Trust of Florida Case Study

​Continuous process improvement is at the core of the company culture found within Coastal Bank and Trust of Florida, a division of Synovus Bank Corporation. Both employee satisfaction and quality customer satisfaction are synonymous with the way they do business. Synovus partnered with Glory (U.S.A.) Inc, the leader in cash management solutions for financial institutions as a primary business and analysis partner. Synovus Bank Corporation selected a team to analyze the operations within existing branches using Glory cash recyclers and cash dispensers. After much evaluation and transactional data was collected, Glory analyzed 100+ Synovus branches to evaluate data for ways to reduce cost, increase revenue and operate at optimum levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Hampden Bank Case Study

​Established with modest beginnings in rented office space in a basement in Springfield, Massachusetts 165 years ago, Hampden Bank has grown and thrived during economic booms and downturns. Chief among the reasons for this success is that Hampden Bank is imbued with a “can do” corporate culture and a management team who embraces innovation when innovation makes sense. Hampden Bank prides itself on the ability to offer families and businesses the latest in automated banking technology, yet still maintains the tradition of offering customers a genuine small bank feel and the personal touch at every branch.

Hanscom Federal Credit Union Case Study

​The “Branch of the Future” is Happening Now at Hanscom Federal Credit Union Advances in technology have dramatically altered the needs and expectations of credit union members. While the number of delivery channels has grown to include ATMs, online banking and mobile banking, a branch is still the first choice for specific types of transactions, in particular, when a member wants to speak to someone to seek advice, to apply for a loan or to complete a complex transaction.  This customer preference presents a unique opportunity to engage with the customer and maximize each interaction as a selling opportunity. To remain relevant, competitive and to meet the needs of members and customers, smart credit unions and banks must apply innovative strategies to adapt to this changing environment. Developing a personal relationship by maximizing every opportunity to do so just makes good business sense for the savvy financial institution.

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari Case Study

​Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, the #1 pick in the 2011 list of’s “Top 10 Water Parks in the U.S ” knows a thing or two about organizing and project planning and handling currency on a daily basis. The 140-acre park was the world’s first theme park and includes top-ranked roller coasters, themed family rides and water slides, plus two water coasters, the newest of which, the appropriately named, Mammoth, is the world’s longest water coaster. When the family-owned Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, of Santa Claus, Indiana, wanted to increase efficiencies in the operation’s cash management, they considered many options to reduce labor costs and make the cash room process more efficient and secure. The decision was ultimately made to choose GLORY cash automation products to update a decades-old framework of manually handling cash and coin within the cash room.

KidZania Case Study

​As in a real city, KidZania has an official currency; the kidZo. Life in this city starts with the opening of a bank account at the KidZania Bank. Today, withdrawing cash from an ATM is a natural gesture and an indispensable solution to manage cash effectively throughout the global economy. Glory’s availability and expert collaboration have been key to KidZania’s choice of partner.

Prosegur Case Study

​Glory’s ability to meet Prosegur’s aggressive schedule was a key differentiating factor to be chosen as a partner. Prosegur, who are continually innovating by utilising technology to deliver their services, wanted to ensure their investment in a robust solution for counting and sorting banknotes, could adapt to the standards required for its cash handling processes. The Ntegra’s advanced technology and high performance during the trial period at Prosegur’s premises were decisive factors for selecting this solution to equip their branch offices.

Republic Bank Limited Case Study

​In the increasingly competitive world of banking, companies are utilising the latest technologies to drive cost down, achieve more efficient cash handling and improve the in-branch customer experience. Republic Bank selected as its technology partner, cash solutions expert Glory, whose full product portfolio covers the entire cash management cycle.

Savings And Loans CU Case Study

​Having a positive impact on the community has always been important for Savings & Loans. The credit union wanted to open up their branches to allow customers more access to staff, whilst retaining the security of cash in the branch. Working with Glory, Savings and Loans embarked on a branch redesign programme with the Glory Vertera® and QC™ as the cornerstones of their initiative.

SHB Case Study

​One of the Bank’s strategies was to use the latest technology available to provide an improved and faster service to their customers in the branches. In addition, the Bank also wanted to enhance their branch operation, particularly cash processing and reconciliation.

Silver State Schools Credit Union

​The desire to automate daily cash management processes, reduce cash errors and create opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with its members is what led Silver State Schools Credit Union, the largest credit union in the State of Nevada, to install currency recyclers. Silver State Schools Credit Union chose the currency recycler from Glory, the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of cash management solutions such as cash dispensers, currency recyclers and cash processing equipment.